Sunni cleric: “Lebanon Sunni community backs Hezbollah”

sunni lebnonSunni prayer leader of Al Ghofran Mosque in Sidon stressed, “The major stance taken by Sunni community in Lebanon is to support Islamic Resistance, Muslim unity and coexistence.”

Sheikh Hessam al Ilani, a Lebanese prayer leader, criticized violent measures which are performed under the name of Sunni Muslims in Lebanon and noted illogical moves made under the name of Sunni Muslims has nothing to do with this community.

He referred to the recent unrest in Sidon and said,” Sidon will remain the southern gate and a city of coexistence forever.”

This Sunni cleric added,” Occasionally we are witness to irresponsible stances and intriguing remarks but the people in this city have proved their opposition with any religious prejudice and they try to boost friendly ties with neighboring Shia and Sunni cities.”

He added,” Stance of Sunni Muslims is quite clear; they struggle to expand coexistence among all Lebanese via resistance and Islamic unity and inaccurate stance of some people has nothing to do with the Sunni community.”


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