Lebanon: Foreign, Telecom Committees Take up Israeli Spying

courtMP Abdullatif Zein, chairman of Lebanese Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Committee, chaired on Thursday the joint session of the Foreign Affairs and media and communications’ committees, Lebanese Parliamentto study the Israel’s espionage activities on Lebanon.

The session was attended by 27 Ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic commissions invited to the meeting, i.e. the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, EU countries, the countries participating in UNIFIL and the representative of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon.

Lebanese Ministers and MPs were also present.

Parliament’s Media and Telecommunications Committee Chairman, MP Hassan Fadlallah, said that both committees convened in session today upon House Speaker Nabih Berri’s call to pursue the Israeli spying dossier.

“Ambassadors of the UN Security Council’s permanent members, of the EU and of the UNIFIL were asked to attend so as to be informed of the Israeli violations and spying activities,” he said.

During the session, Fadlallah said that diplomats took notes that they shall present before their countries.

“The attack on a sovereign country in this way goes beyond international resolutions and conventions, as it includes an assault on freedoms and privacies,” Fadlallah said and noted that the presented report during the session proved Israeli spying operations on UNIFIL and Embassies.

“It is not true that we are weak and incapable of doing anything. If the government decides to take actions it will do a lot, for we have major potentials,” he explained and affirmed Lebanon’s capability to face such an aggression and protect its privacy.

Caretaker Foreign Minister also spoke during the session and said that Lebanon cannot remain silent over this violation.

He made clear that the Ambassadors were informed of the situation in order to convey the seriousness of these spying activities.


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