Hizbullah Denounces Bloody, Takfiri Bombings in Iraq

HIZBBULLA FLAQCommenting on the series of bloody bombings that rocked Iraq recently, particularly Monday morning, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Once again, the Takfiri terrorism hits the safe and peaceful neighborhoods in Iraq, violating the sanctity of the Holy month of Ramadan.

It further continues to shed the blood of citizens, without distinction between old and young, or men, and women.

This despicable terrorism that targets civilians is undoubtedly led by invisible hands of some international and regional powers that seek to prevent stability and reconstruction in Iraq as well as the return of this country to its effective role and position in the Middle East.

As Hizbullah condemns these criminal bombings, it calls for concerted efforts among Muslims, in particular, and the Iraqis in general, to confront the Takfiri terrorism, and to face the Zionist and American plots that aim to control the Islamic world.

In parallel, the party expresses its sincere condolences and solidarity with the pains of the victims’ families.

It also asks al-Mighty God mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs, and a speedy recovery to the wounded.


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