Sheikh Qaouk: EU Decision “Israeli”, Will Not Change Resistance Equations

shikh nabelHizbullah Secretary General Deputy, His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk considered that “Israel” is incapable of confronting Hizbullah and hence takes the EU decision to blacklist Hizbullah as backbone, which in fact only makes it look weak. 
This decision is a terrorist “Israeli” decision, that exposes European mobilization to the US, also exposes the European helplessness before “Israel”,” he added.
“Europe took disguise in this decision, to please “Israel”. This decision condemns Europe and not the Resistance; it aims at changing the equation in Lebanon and Syria, but it will not change anything in the solid and firm equations,” Qaouk went on to say.
During a funeral ceremony for the martyr Ayman Tahini, Sheikh Qaouk underscored “They are trying to punish Hizbullah as it stands in the way of enemy schemes,” stressing “thousands of US-“Israeli” raids and thousands of resolutions failed to achieve this goal, and today the EU decision is a terrorist “Israeli” decision which is also doomed to fail in changing the Resistance equations and stances.”

The Hizbullah official guaranteed that the Resistance will not yield to such sieging but will rather become stronger and more determined to confrontation.

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