Ali to “Israel”: Expect Syria’s Response At Any Moment

ali1Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdek Karim Ali revealed Monday that “people are sticking to the state and the army, particularly after the recent “Israeli” aggression.”

“The “Israeli” attack attacked the dignity of all Syrians,” he confirmed.

Meeting the International Delegation, headed by the Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner, Merid Maguire, the Syrian envoy highlighted that “Israel” sought to aid the suffering armed groups, after the army and the popular committees succeeded in scoring many achievements in face of these groups.

“”Israel” knows well that Syria never sleeps on its grievances,” added Ali, urging the Zionist entity to expect the Syrian response at any moment.
As he denounced the Arab official silence, the diplomat stressed that “the Arab world is witnessing a wakeup call.”

He further pointed out affirmed that “Damascus is now stronger, with its own capabilities and with the help of its brethren and friends across the world.”
Ali also expressed confidence of Syria’s victory in face of the global conspiracy it is facing.
In parallel, he expressed hope that the delegation relays the truth of what’s going on to various parts of the world at large. “When the truth is revealed, then the whole world would be on Syria’s side, not only one country or particular side or people,” added he viewed.


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