Sayyed Safieddine: Hizbullah Position on Syria Based on Nation’s Interests

hashemHead of Hizbullah’s Executive Council His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safieddine warned Sunday that the US project in Syria is not different from the scheme of targeting Lebanon.

He further reiterated: “As we always warned of the US will to sabotage Lebanon, we talk today about confirmed information, indicating that the American project seeks vandalism destruction, not stop at the borders of Syria, but extends beyond to Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and occupied Palestine.”

During a memorial service commemorating one week on the martyrdom of resistance man Mohammed Jawad al-Zein, he said: “It is normal that we have this stance from the US- Western plots.”
“It is very normal that our stance is to confront this US-Western scheme and it is very normal for the resistance to preserve its achievements like it preserved its weapons, freedom and decision in July 2006 through blood, martyrs, patience and sacrifices,” His Eminence added.

In parallel, Sayyed Safieddine confirmed that the resistance is in full readiness to preserve the resistance in this new confrontation.
“We should be ready when we see that our enemies gather and threaten us on daily basis,” he said.

On the Syrian developments, His Eminence highlighted: “Our stance on Syria has never been sectarian like some ignorant people are claiming, but rather patriotic and nationalistic.”
“This stance seeks to preserve the nation’s strategic cause, i.e. Palestine, as well as the nation’s unity, immunity and strength,” the Hizbullah top official said, and noted that “the confrontation taking place in Syria is targeted against the resistance and its weapons.”
He further added: “It is the same battle, the same cause and the same objective, and like we triumphed there in southern Lebanon, we will emerge victorious from all these confrontations.”

“Because we are strong, we need no sectarian background, as our view is linked to what is happening and what is to happen in our region,” His Eminence said.
On the internal front, Sayyed Safieddine urged all sides to restore to reasonability in dealing with the formation of the government, away from wrong bets.

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