Hizbullah Mourns Chavez: We Lost Dear Friend, Loyal Supporter

hogo hizbollahCommenting on the pass away of President Hugo Chavez ,Hizbullah issued the following statement:
We received with deep sorrow and sadness the news of the death of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
The free world, the oppressed people, and we lost a dear friend, and a loyal supporter , who stood along his life with the oppressed and downtrodden. He was also a great defender of the Third World countries and their rights in progress and prosperity.

Hizbullah, and Lebanon as a whole, cannot forget the late president’s sincere support to Lebanon in face of the Zionist enemy, which was perfectly portrayed in beautiful images during the July 2006 aggression.
Moreover, the Arab and Islamic peoples can’t forget his bold support to the right of the Palestinian people regarding the liberation from occupation, as well as the right of the Islamic Republic to acquire peaceful nuclear technology.

In parallel, President Chavez formed a strong dike in face of US imperialist policies. He neither compromised nor surrendered to the successive US administrations. He also didn’t subject to their pressures and baits , proving that countries can move on the road to independence and progress without relying on US mandate.
As Hizbullah sent its sincere expressions of sympathy to the family and comrades of the late great leader, as well as to the whole courageous Venezuelan people, it declares its support to them in this great loss.

We further hope that the fellows of President Chaves succeed in continuing his path in preserving the freedom, independence and well-being of the Venezuelan people, as well as in supporting the oppressed and vulnerable in the world, and keeping on the approach he had pursued throughout his life in confronting the American and Zionist conspiracies.


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