Sayyed Amine as-Sayyed: Conspiracy on Syria Will Fail

Sayyed Ibrahim Amine SayyedHead of Hizbullah’s Political Council, His Eminence Sayyed Ibrahim Amine as-Sayyed addressed conspirators in the Syrian crisis, “What have you reaped by your conspiracy in Lebanon and Syria, and what are the accomplishments you are achieving in Syria except destruction and bloodshed?”

His Eminence added during a memorial in Ksarnaba, Bekaa, “Leave Islam, its movement, and the Quran alone, and speak of your goals. Your goals are to reach power even if it means destroying the whole region.”
Sayyed Amine as-Sayyed further questioned, “Do you want the democracy of the US in our region?” underscoring, “Upcoming generations will not forgive your crime of demolishing the region. The conspiracy in Syria will fail just as it failed in Lebanon.”


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