Saheli: Hizbullah Has Nothing to Do with Arsal Incident

nawaar salehiLoyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Nawaar Saheli responded Tuesday to the Future Movement campaign and its MPs[Khaled Daher, Moein Merbi, and Mohammad Kabbara] accustaions that claimed that Hizbullah was involved in Arsal incident.

In his press conference, Saheli denied any involvement of the party for what happened and is happening in Arsal.

“Hizbullah has nothing to do what happened in Arsal,” he confirmed, and pointed out that ” such accusations are unjust and invalid.”
The MP further clarified that “some people deliberately intend to talk about the presence of a third side in Arsal attack against the army.”
“They want to turn it into a sectarian strife although facts are clear to everyone [harrowing images, video, etc..],” he stated.

Moreover, Saheli emphasized: “All of that is deceptive and based on lies and fabrications.”
The MP stressed need to support the Army institution and refused to drag Army to strife.
“Accusing the army of being bias, defaming the military institution, and attacking its leader aim to drag Lebanon into dangers and lifting it into chaos,” he warned.
He mentioned that “the incitement is frequently repeated by the same side from the North to the Bekaa.”
“We are attached to the Army institution and its role and we ask to open investigations into Arsal’s incident until perpetrators are uncovered and arrested,” the MP emphasized.

This comes as he added: “Involving Hizbullah in the incidents is aimed at hurting Lebanon. If strife makes it to Lebanon then it will be impossible to remove and it will burn Lebanon with its Sunnis, Shiites and Christians.”
“The military institution is the guarantee to the Lebanese civil peace,” he elaborated, and urged not to drag the Lebanese Army into tiny calculations.

Saheli also slammed the attack against the resistance martyrs. “The martyr laid to rest after the incident died while performing his Jihadist duty in south Lebanon.”

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