Sheikh Qaouk: No Vote, Elections To Affect Resistance Equation

SHIEKH qouakHizbullah Deputy Executive Council Chief, His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, stressed that the electoral law forms a chance for compromise and consensus on a new electoral law.

He further stated that “the 1960’s law became from the past as all sides are discussing a new electoral law that guarantees a real and equal sharing as well as an effective partnership.”
“Whatever the new electoral law might be, whatever the results, this will not affect the resistance-army-people equation,” His Eminence stressed.

In parallel, Sheikh Qaouk highlighted that “if the enemies are betting on an electoral law aimed at weakening the resistance, they are being delusional, because the equation of the resistance is more deep-rooted than mountains.”
His Eminence’s statements came during a ceremony held in the South in commemoration of Arbaeen Imam Hussein (PBUH).


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