Jumblatt Slams Future’s Duality: Dialogue Necessary, Stay away From Miscalculations

mp walidThe National Struggle Front Leader MP Walid Jumblatt stressed Saturday that “dialogue between the Lebanese is an absolute necessity that we can’t ignore.”

In an interview with as-Safir Lebanese daily, Jumblatt warned “We can’t wait the Syrian situation to settle the internal Lebanese arena.”
He further expressed surprise the Future Movement’s duality in tackling the dialogue issue: They reject to attend the all-party talks round table , while they don’t mind to stay in one of the hotels to participate in the parliamentary electoral subcommittees.
In parallel, he urged all political sides to meet away from preconditions. “Let us set no wrong calculations based on the Syrian incident and look forward to our common national interests. Let us dissociate ourselves from all what divides us. That’s what I ask and seek, no more no less.”
Moreover, he confirmed: “it was wrong to remain in a wait-and-see box, because Syria is completely falling towards the unknown. Thus, it is illogical to boycott the constitutional institutions.”
As he stressed that he hadn’t changed his position since May 7 incidents, the MP accused others of altering their stance. “Dialogue, and not wrong calculations, comes first and is required at this dangerous stage. There is no way but to sit together,” he affirmed.

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