3rd Recording: Hariri in Field, Rebel Battalions Receive Saqr’s Monthly Allowances

rebalIn the last episode of sound recordings published by al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper, more sides of the Future Movement sinking into Syrian blood emerged, particularly former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his MP Okab saqr.
saadharirri.jpgAccording to the information, MP Saqr received a call from the spokesman of the Supreme Council of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” Louai al-Mokdad.
Saqr asked al-Mokdad to hold online until he finishes another call.
In his contact with the unknown man, Saqr confirmed that Maarat al-Noaman battle is heading towards decisiveness.

According to the source of the recordings, Saqr asserted that he is following the events, moment by moment, and that the region will not fall.
Meanwhile, Saqr promised the unknown man to keep him informed of every tiny detail and that he will not rest before the battle ends. As he ended his call with the unknown man, Saqr told al- Mokdad: “things are messy and inoperative.”

In turn, al- Mokdad asked: “Is it Sheikh Saad?”
Saqr responded “Hariri got mad; he wants to resolve the battle.”

In parallel, al-Akhbar daily uncovered the real reasons behind the travel of Saqr from Lebanon to Europe and then Turkey.
“Saqr was coordinating media and military issues in Beirut with Syrian rebels, particularly those belonging to the Brotherhood,” it added, and noted that “he was secretly working day and night to deepen his relationship with them.”

In this context, information showed that an operation room, including Syrian and Lebanese youths was established in Ashrafieh in 2011.
The room coordinated with its counterpart in a European country and Syria.
Although the events were not expanded yet, these operation rooms managed to smuggle large amounts of communication equipment to Syria, and specifically the kind that can’t be monitored by the Syrian security services.
After Hariri left Beirut, Saqr continued his work, and was escalating the political situation parallel to expressing security concern.
The daily also stated that “after his lap top was infiltrated, Saqr consulted with Hariri and Gen. Wissam al-Hassan to leave the country and move to Belgium.”
Moreover, the source of the recordings stated that a large number of combat brigades receive financial allocations from Saqr. He further narrated how armed clashes erupted between groups supported by Saqr and al-Nosra Front.
In another context, the source speaks of a sharp dispute in one of the meetings in the operating room, regarding bombs, supported by Saqr, which left a lot of civilians dead.
On the file of Lebanese abductees, the source reiterated that Saqr pays $ 50 thousand dollars as a monthly allowance to the leader of the “Storm North Brigade”, the kidnapper Abu Ibrahim.
Moreover, he indicated that Hariri asked Saqr to release the hostages, but Saudi- Turkish obstacles emerged to obstruct the operation.
The source also stated that Saqr has a role in the kidnap of the 9 Iranians in Syria.
Here’s the text of the fourth recording:
Al-Mokdad: Hello
Saqr: Hello
Al-Miqdad: Yes Okab
Saqr: Wait a minute (Okab talks to other person on the phone). No, no, it will be solved. It will be solved. We are following it. I know I know that you didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep also. I already knew they are following it in Saudi Arabia. No God willing things will move towards decisiveness. Surely, we will remain in contact. Ok Ok, I will update you moment by moment. God is with you God is with you.
Saqr: Allo Allo Yes Louai
Al-Mokdad: Yes dear, what’s wrong?
Saqr: Disaster…Complete Disaster
Al-Mokdad: Who was that, Sheikh Saad?
Saqr: Hariri got mad… completely mad. He wants things to end. It should be settled.
Al-Mokdad: Oh, today I…
Saqr: You talked to them, what did they say?
Al-Mokdad: This is the minimum. Did you tell him of the image [situation]?
Saqr: I informed him and believe me he’s not able to sleep. He’s following moment by moment and second-by-second. He seeks decisiveness by any means. He told me that this particularly [battle] must be won. There’s no way to fail.
Al-Mokdad: Okab, my brother, the problem is that once the region falls, it would turn into domino and all the surrounding regions will fall. Got it?
Saqr: Oh brother, I understand this but I tell you, I talked to his premier. He said that we must win without sinking into details. We don’t want to. We have a cause to finish we must end things.

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