Sayyed Nasrallah says Hezbollah is target of soft war

ap hassan nasrallah ll 111213 mnHezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stresses that the time of victories knows no limits thanks to martyrs who have been scarifying theirselves to save their land and people.
At a graduation ceremony of the martyrs’ sons and daughters in Beirut’s southern suburb, Sayyed Nasrallah warned on Wednesday against what he called the soft war which the enemy is working on, saying that the US has been carrying this kind of war after it failed to defeat the resistance in July war.
Hezbollah S.G. voiced the need to adopt another kind of resistance through sticking to our values and culture in order to overcome the soft war.
His eminence refused to compare between the events the region has been witnessing now and July war, saying that despite the difficulties, these events are easier than July war which was a universal one.
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the faith has been the source of the resistance’s steadiness, urging the martyrs’ descendants to go on the same path which their fathers had went on.
Sayyed Nasrallah said the resistance has been facing another kind of war, which aimed at targeting its values and culture, voicing the need to confront this war by another kind of resistance.
“We face another kind of war which the Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei calls it soft war,” his eminence said, adding that “the US administration is carrying out this war and the Israeli enemy is just a fighter in it.”
“We need a resistance of another kind.. a resistance of culture and thoughts in order to save our values since they are the source of our faith”, Sayyed Nasrallah said further.
His eminence noted that “there are some satellite channels which are working hard to ruin our values and culture”, adding: “The enemy has been working to target our values and culture because it fears these values”.
As his eminence refused to compare between July war and the latest events the region has been witnessing, Sayyed Nasrallah said that there were more difficulties in July war, describing it as a universal one.
“July war is a good example for the difficulties which the resistance had faced,” Hezbollah S.G. noted.
“During July war some people said that the resistance has fallen out, but the resistance was living a victory”.
“Today some are analyzing and saying that Hezbollah is in impasse. However I say that these people are talking about their situation, since the resistance has been facing difficulties for more than 30 years,” he told crowds of martyrs’ families.
Sayyed Nasrallsh assured that the faith was the main sources which made the resistance able to overcome all the difficulties it had passed through.
“To all those who are going on the resistance path: the faithfulness offers us ability to stay steady whatever the sacrifices were,” his eminence stressed.
The graduation ceremony of the martyrs’ sons and daughters was under the name of “Generation of martyr Ali Ahmad Oneissi”.
This martyr took part along with his father in July war, and both of them were martyred in the same place and date.
Sayyed Nasrallah praised the two martyrs, saluting all other martyrs, whose blood had led to the victory the resistance has achieved.
“When we talk about the family of Martyr Ali Ahmad Oneissi, we are talking about generations of the resistance who have been fighting together in the same time and date”, Sayyed Nasrallah said.
“In this ceremony we are lionizing families who sacrificed their sons in favor of this path. The question here: why do brother after brother join the convoy of martyrs?” his eminence wondered.
“In this day we recognize when the resistance was launched… when we were strange and few people who were described as crazy”.
“Those martyrs knew that it was their duty to fight the Israeli enemy who occupied the land and attack its people..Those martyrs did their duty sincerely and they were waiting for martyrdom”, Hezbollah S.G. said further.
At the end of the ceremony the Leader of the resistance addressed the sons and the daughters of the martyrs, urging them to go on the same path their fathers have chosen.
“Your fathers have chosen the path of God and like this path should be yours,” Sayyed Nasrallah told the martyrs’ sons and daughters.
“Be confident… however the difficulties are, the time of victory has come and will know no limits.”

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