US Gives Additional $10 Million to STL!

HaririRafikDay after another, the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon proves to be politicized more and more…

After the United States was reportedly interfering in the work of the “independent” tribunal and pressing its Prosecutor to accelerate the timing of the issuance of its final verdict, Washington officially and proudly announced on Monday it has decided to give an additional $10 billion to the tribunal, without any explanation.

“Efforts to discredit, hinder, or influence the tribunal’s work must not be tolerated,” US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said in a statement.

Rice said the tribunal can “help deter further violence and put an end to a tragic era of impunity for political assassinations in Lebanon.”

“Until Lebanon is able to achieve this, it will be very difficult to secure the peace and stability that all Lebanese citizens deserve,” Rice said.

Hezbollah Condemns Baghdad Crime: Act of US and Agents

Hezbollah vehemently condemned on Wednesday the terrorist crime committed by the forces of evil in the Iraqi capital one day earlier when Baghdad was targeted by eleven consecutive bombs in the city, which led to hundreds of martyrs and injures.

In a statement released by Hezbollah media relations, the Resistance party said that this brutal crime is an act of the US occupation and its agents, who do not want the Iraqi people to escape the circle of death, which they had been stuck in since the US occupation of the Iraqi territories.

Hezbollah considered that the US occupation is working on committing various brutal acts, in order to sow the seeds of strife between the Iraqi people. “Committing this horrible massacre, where the Iraqis are about to become victims of its replicas day after day, is a result of the US-Zionist scheme planned for the region, which depends on regional and local tools that serve this scheme and achieves its goals,” the statement read out.

Hezbollah concluded its statement by calling upon Iraqis to protect their country from any violation, and working together to prevent criminals from achieving their goals.

Hezbollah Condemns Ban’s Report: Israeli-US Landmarks Clear

Hezbollah vehemently condemned on Wednesday UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s stance in his fourteenth report over resolution 1701, in which he held the Lebanese army the responsibility for the Oddaiseh incident.

In a statement released by Hezbollah media relations, the Resistance party said that Ban’s stance was completed biased for the Zionist enemy, adding that, however, it was not surprising from the part of the top UN official.

Hezbollah denounced, meanwhile, the UN and its Secretary General’s ignorance regarding the escalating Zionist crimes in Lebanon and Palestine, as well as the Zionist entity’s nuclear armament which takes place under a suspicious international silence.

Hezbollah condemned the continuous exploitation of the UN as a tool in the service of the US-Israel scheme through employees who care for nothing but pleasing their masters and thinking of their personal future regardless of the role they have to play to serve all nations.

The Resistance party concluded its statement by expressing belief that the report was written by the US hands with the Israeli ink, which is also not surprising. “This turns the UN to an organization which o

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