Hezbollah Condemns Danish Republishing of Propet’s Cartoons

hezbollah_flagHezbollah vehemently condemned the Danish publishing house for publishing a book containing the controversial blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Mohamad (pbuh), recalling that the cartoons erupted rage in the Islamic World being a crime of ethics which targets the great person of Prophet Mohamad, indifferent of the feeling of more than a billion Muslims worldwide.

In a statement released by its media relations, Hezbollah said that republishing the blasphemous cartoons by the publishing house was a  declaration of refusal to respect the Muslims’ feelings. “This also demonstrates their insistence on insulting the Muslims’ sanctities, presenting a cause of tension in the good relations that should exist between different religions in the world. This is what these governments should take full responsibility of.”

Hezbollah expressed belief that the ongoing blasphemous campaigns against Islamic sanctities, under the excuse of freedom of expression, constitute a malignant of double standards in tackling issues of respecting beliefs, with disregard to the Islamic Ummah (Nation), its leaders and peoples.

The Resistance party concluded its statement by calling upon all Muslims in the world to announce a united stance confirming the refusal of these insults, and raise a loud voice of condemnation.

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