‘Hezbollah ready to hit heart of Israel if needed’

Sheikh-Qassem-HizbullahHezbollah Resistance Movement says is ready to strike the heart of Israel in the event of new aggression on Lebanon, a day after the regime’s army killed 3 Lebanese soldiers along the border.

“Israel must understand that any aggression on Lebanon, no matter how small, gives us the complete right to retaliate when and how we  find appropriate and in line with Lebanon’s political interests,” Sheikh Naim Qassem, Hezbollah deputy chief said on Wednesday.

“Hezbollah chooses when to be patient and when to retaliate,” he added.

Qassem’s comments came a day after the Israeli regime’s soldiers opened fire on Lebanese soldiers along the border and martyred 3 soldiers and a journalist.

Qassem also said the resistance movement was capable of facing Israeli regime’s military might although it was not looking for a fight.

“When Israel threatens to destroy Lebanon, it knows Hezbollah is capable of making Israel suffer accordingly,” Qassem said.

“Israel’s territory will be completely exposed and they will have to bear responsibility for that aggression and pay the price.”

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has previously said that his group has the military prowess to reach Tel Aviv airport and other strategic targets inside Israel.

Sheikh Qassem said his party held the UN Security Council responsible for all Israeli “violations” of Resolution 1701 which ended the 2006 war, including the latest skirmish.


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