Al-Manar… Islamic Resistance’s Most Effective Arm!

Al-Manar-TVFour years after the building of Al-Manar Television was destroyed as part of the Israeli July 2006 war against Lebanon, the Resistance’s voice continues to be one of the main targets for the Israeli enemy…

On that day in 2006, the Zionist entity leveled Al-Manar TV building in an attempt to silence the station during the war.

Al-Manar’s broadcast stopped  for less than five minutes and then resumed as usual from undisclosed locations, what perplexed the enemy who failed throughout the aggression to silence the “Station of the Resistance”.

It was necessary for the Israeli enemy to silence Al-Manar for many reasons on top of which is Israel’s endeavor to spare itself a media war that could eventually expose its crimes, save its already cracking community from another psychological war and inspire the Lebanese people with its steadfastness.

However, Israel failed in its strategy against Al-Manar with Israeli analysts and experts saying that the steadfastness of Al-Manar was one of the most vital factors that made the victory a reality.

According to Israeli experts and observers, Al-Manar has always constituted one of the main arms in the psychological war against the Israeli society during the Israeli occupation of Lebanese lands and following the Palestinian Intifada, what increased the level of calls to achieve withdrawal from Lebanon.

An Israeli study about Al-Manar TV, published by Israeli website Omedia, described Al-Manar TV as one of the war’s “excellent” arms. “Al-Manar used to have detailed plans on how to deal with all developments,” the study said, noting that “the non-necessary employees left the building since the war’s first moment while others moved to under floor locations.” The study also recalled that Al-Manar’s broadcast stopped for less than five minutes after being destroyed and then resumed as usual from locations that remained undisclosed until now.

The Israeli study claimed that the Israeli forces faced many obstacles in destroying the terrestrial channel’s infrastructure because of the difficulty of differentiating Al-Manar’s broadcasting stations from the other Lebanese stations. The study added that Al-Manar’s steadfastness was a major achievement despite all shelling and bombardment that made the victory of Hezbollah a concrete reality.

As a conclusion, the Israeli study recommended that Israeli officials spare all possible efforts to silence Al-Manar during the next war and consider the Lebanese channel “a major weapon in the hands of the enemy.” And because “it’s not enough to bombard the channel to shut it down,” the study called on all concerned people in the Zionist entity to work to prevent the Lebanese channel from broadcasting through frequency receivers whatever the price was.

“Hezbollah is familiar with the use of media to serve its interest. It founds its basis on the undeniable charisma of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah,” Oren Nahari, Israeli editor of the foreign news desk at channel 1, said, in a clear interpretation of the value of Al-Manar arm.


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