Hezbollah senses intl. conspiracy

hezbollah_flagHezbollah says the recent provocations by Israel and UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon are part of an “international move” against the legendry anti-terrorist movement.

According to Press TV, Resistance sources said on  Saturday there was a connection between the illegal Zionist entity’s release of pictures, allegedly showing resistance’s preparation for armed conflict in the southern Lebanon, and French forces’ incitement of clashes with the locals there.

The maps and photographs publicized by the Israeli military echo the Zionist war rhetoric. Israel has launched two wars on Lebanon.

Israel’s 2006 offensive against Beirut killed about 1,200 Lebanese, most of them civilians. The Zionist military, however, was met with Hezbollah resistance and was eventually forced to leave Lebanon without achieving any of its objectives.

Earlier in the month, the French forces deployed in Lebanon as part of the UNIFIL, arrested a local youth in a southern village, inciting clashes with the locals. They then took the captive to a nearby town, where they continued to ignite local outrage by violating the civilians’ privacy.

“Exactly like the new French policy, the behavior of the French forces in UNIFIL shows that France has returned to the year 1965 to implement the policy of conspiring against the Arab homeland,” the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted Hezbollah sources as saying on Saturday.

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