Sheikh Qassem Warns Israel of Big Loss in Any Future War

Sheikh-Qassem-HizbullahHezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem warned on Friday the Israeli enemy of a “big loss” in any future assault on Lebanon.

“If the result of the July war was a failure to the Israelis, then Israel would suffer a big loss in its next aggression,” Sheikh Qassem said in an interview with Syria Satellite Channel.

According to Sheikh Qassem, the resistance’s victory on the Israeli enemy in the year 2006, founded a new stage in the history of the region. His eminence explained that the 2006 resistance victory established a stage, in which the demolishing of the Zionist entity started, in benefit of the Arabic and Islamic issues, where the Palestinian issue comes in the lead.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, meanwhile, called for raising the issue of ongoing Israeli violations against Lebanon in the UN Security Council.

Sheikh Qassem expressed belief the national unity government in Lebanon has achieved a “very important goal – political stability and security.”


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