Syed Fadlallah Receives Syed Hassan Nasrallah, Calls for Unity

shia-syedhassan In the first announced visit since July 2006, Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah paid a visit to Ayatollah Syed Mohamad Hussein Fadlallah to check on his health. The two leaders discussed the situation in Lebanon, the upcoming stage and Israel’s continuous threats to the Arab and Islamic worlds at various levels amid the biggest attack targeting Islam as a religion and Muslims in their countries, movements and strategic positions. Syed Fadlallah stressed on the importance of the consolidation of the interior to confront the enemy’s threats and preparedness on all levels to prevent this enemy from making political gains. His eminence also called for unity to ward off Israeli attempts to widen the gap among the Lebanese through accusations to the Hezbollah leadership and the party’s arms of being the reason behind a possible large-scale war on Lebanon. While pointing that Lebanese were not given the choice between preventing or accepting the aggression, Syed Fadlallah urged all Lebanese to consolidate their military and political positions to overcome the Israeli schemes and prevent any new spiteful Zionist adventure against Lebanon. The Ayatollah also pointed to the necessity of paying attention to the Islamic-Islamic relations, noting that the nation’s enemies wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals and execute their schemes unless they push Muslims to entrap into the deadly sedition trap. Syed Fadlallah called to concentrate all cultural and political efforts to safeguard the path of Islamic unity and preserve it in the face of all attempts to strengthen the culture of disparity and conflict. His eminence urged all Muslims to stay committed to the nation’s main causes and to safeguard unity within the Islam community, calling on them to resist the invasion of the multi-faced Western administrations. Syed Fadlallah concluded by urging all Muslims to take part in the battle in defense of Islam to face the internationals campaigns against Islam and Prophet Mohamad (pbuh).


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