Syed Hassan Nasrallah, Ammar Al-Hakim Call to Preserve National Unity

shiite-syed-hassan-hakeem Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah received the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Syed Ammar al-Hakim and an accompanying delegation.   The meeting, attended by Hezbollah Political Council member Sheikh Mohammad Kawtharani, covered  the situation in the region, especially in Lebanon, Iraq, and the nature of the risks and threats facing the peoples of the region.   The attendees asserted the importance of concerted efforts by all political forces and popular movements, especially in terms of keeping all forms of national unity in each country in the face of internal divisions or projects that serve the nation’s enemies by creating sectarian seditions.   Syed Nasrallah also received the head of the Muslim Scholars Revival in Indonesia Dr. Ahmad Hashem Muzadi in the presence of a delegation from the Gathering of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon.


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