Sheikh Qassem: Resistance Always Ready to Face Aggression

shiite-shiekh-qassem1 Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem ruled out on Thursday a potential Israeli aggression against Lebanon in the near future, but stressed that the Resistance was always ready to face any aggression whether it happens in the future or at any surprising moment. Speaking to Russia Today Television, Sheikh Qassem said that the US special envoy to the  Middle East George Mitchell was “wasting his time.” His eminence emphasized that the Zionist entity won’t accept any solution because it seeks to preserve its aggressive gains and wants even to expand them. “Israel doesn’t even accept to halt settlements for a period of time,” Sheikh Qassem pointed out, adding that Mitchell is therefore deluding the people. According to Sheikh Qassem, the US envoy will fail in his mission. “Compromise and settlement is a complete failure,” his eminence noted while calling for practical solutions. Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General refused to comment on the statements made by Fatah al-Intifada movement’s representative in Lebanon Said Mussa, also known as Abu Mussa, over the Palestinian arms outside the refugee comments. “We only say that we are committed to the outcome of the national dialogue roundtable,” his eminence said, recalling that Lebanese have agreed through dialogue on a specific mechanism that allows the State to control all its territories. “What should be done now is launching a dialogue on the Palestinian arms outside camps to reach the solution agreed on during the national dialogue,” his eminence added. Asked about Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s call to form a committee to abolish political sectarianism, Sheikh Qassem said that Hezbollah supports such proposal since this committee would be similar to a discussion table. “At the end, nothing can happen without consensus and unanimity,” his eminence said.


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