Hassan Nasrallah Backs Peaceful Approach in Resolving Domestic Differences

shia-nasarullah Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah received the Secretary General of the Bahraini Consensus association Sheikh Ali Al-Salman at the head of a delegation that took part in the Arab-International Forum for Supporting the Resistance in Beirut. Sheikh Salman congratulated Syed Nasrallah for holding the Arab International Forum for Supporting the Resistance, the success of which registered great Arab and Islamic support for the resistance in Lebanon at the time Lebanon is witnessing greater internal unity and rallying around the resistance, as expressed in the ministerial statement of the national unity government, which won an unprecedented parliamentary confidence in the history of Lebanon. For his part, Syed Nasrallah thanked the delegation for its solidarity with the Resistance and praised the value of this solidarity in achieving glory and victory, whether this solidarity is only on the internal level, Arab, or Islamic or even solidarity of the free people of the world. His eminence stressed the need to preserve national and Islamic unity, civil harmony, and the pursuit of peaceful and fraternal approach in resolving domestic differences and interactions between the peoples and countries of the region. Syed Nasrallah also reassured himself about the health of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, expressing belief that the presence of such scholars in our countries constitutes a national and Islamic guarantee for the countries they are in and for our nation as a whole. Hezbollah Secretary General had also received Mr. Yahya Qawasmi, the President of the Anti-Zionism Party. They reviewed the Muslims situation in France as well as the Party’s Anti-Zionism activities at national- French level, and its adoption of the nation’s issues, particularly the question of Palestine.


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