Iran Vice-President: Hezbollah Capable of Confronting Israeli Aggression

shiit1 Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday met with Iranian Vice-President of the Shura Council Muhammad Rida Taj Al-Deeni and his accompanying delegation. The meeting addressed both local and regional issues. Following his meeting with Hezbollah official in South Lebanon Sheikh Nabil Qawouk on Sunday, Taj al-Deeni said that new Israeli threats are part of Tel Aviv’s psychological war. He added that the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Hezbollah, is capable of confronting any new [Israeli] aggression. According to Taj al-Deeni, the July 2006 War proved that Israel is not invincible, and the war’s outcome set an example for the Islamic World. “Youth throughout the Muslim World can confront colonial schemes and global arrogance,” he said. He added that Hezbollah’s resistance reflects Lebanon’s ability to face the “


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