Hezbollah Denounces Offense against Ayatullah Sayyed Sistani

hizbullah1 Hezbollah has denounced the statement made by a leading Saudi cleric against the Muslim Shiite sect and Iraqi Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani.   In a Friday sermon in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Mohammad Al-Ureifi launched an attack on Iraqi Shiites, accusing them, among other things, of being “majousiya” [or Magi, a priestly caste in ancient Persia supposed to have occult powers],  and of conspiring with the Houthis in Yemen, with Iran’s support, against Saudi Arabia. He went on to call Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani, an “atheist and debauched.”   In its statement, Hezbollah condemned the mentioned speech as “inauspicious,” noting that it sought to undermine the Islamic Shiite sect, its beliefs and history and to insult one of our most prominent religious references, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani.   “The insults against Sayyed Sistani are unacceptable and cannot be issued from a human being having just some mind or understanding or religion or dignity,” the statement read out.   Hezbollah emphasized that the Islamic Shiite sect is not in need of a testimony concerning its Islam, belonging, history and sacrifices from this cleric and those who resemble him. “Whatever he said is rejected and turns to him,” the statement said.   “Sayyed Sistani is more solemn and sublime than those who can be affected by such unfair campaigns,” Hezbollah said, adding that the mentioned campaigns couldn’t have any effect on his eminence’s person and pioneer role. “Insulting Sayyed Sistani is an offense to all our references, scholars, mujahideen and martyrs and therefore is subject to condemnation.”   Hezbollah concluded its statement by calling on the Saudi authorities to put an end to all those who resemble the mentioned cleric, those who propagate for sedition and “incite Muslims to fight each other” in a way that only serves the Islam and the nation’s enemies, especially if these clerics were official employees in the Saudi religious institutions.  

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