We will defeat Takfiris and ISIS as we defeated Zionist regime – Sheikh Nabil Qaouk

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah resistance in a message to the great resistance celebration, which was held coincided with the auspicious night of Imam Reza (A) birthday celebration and the National Resistance Day at the Razavi Holy Shrine, stressed, “As we promised to defeat Israel and we won, we also promise to win over Takfiris and ISIS invasion.”

The text of the message which was read by Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, the deputy chief of Hezbollah’s executive council, and representative of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, among the vast presence of Razavi pilgrims and neighbors of Razavi Illuminated Court is as follows:

“By birthday of Wilayat’s sun, a light was emitted which changed the face of the universe, made the heavens to rejoice, and caused a greater happiness on earth. Gabriel and the angels were all delighted, prophets and messengers were also blissful; however, the greater joy belongs to the Prophet Mohammad (S).

This magnanimous Imam, the Imam of poor and orphans, the Imam of knowledge and patience, the Imam of prayer, worship and endurance, is the Imam of humility and worship. He is the Imam of continence and guidance, the Imam of victory and assistance to religion and resistance against oppressors. This honor and dignity alone, is sufficient for Imam Reza (A) that all people are incapable to understand the perfection of his light, and his secret and his right, and his right which no one knows his right and secret but God, and Muhammad (S) and Muhammad’s household.

I’m from Lebanon, the land of victory and martyrdom to congratulate you on the birthday of Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (A), on behalf of the resistance men, men of God who stood up, created miracles, and won. Also on behalf of our victims and the injured, and the families of martyrs and our brave and loyal nation, I have come to congratulate.

I have come to say congratulations. Also, the tenth anniversary of the victory of God, which was among the blessings of Imam Reza (A) and Muhammad and Muhammad’s household (S). Because our victory was one of the blessings of the Islamic Revolution, which was achieved by Imam Khomeini (ra) leadership, as well as the blessings of our wise, resourceful and brave leadership, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

Also, I especially thank and express my highest appreciations to the Grand Custodian of Razavi Holy Shrine, Ayatollah Mr. Raeisi.

I have to say that ten years ago, Israel has mobilized all its forces and united the world with itself. They counted on our death, humiliation and annihilation. Thousands of attacks, tens of thousands of bombs, missiles and bullets, dozens of massacres, fire, bloodshed and destruction, not of them have any consequence. We did not flee nor withdrew. We just took refuge to God and our great faith. The faith attached to the Infallible Imams (A) and the figures of our religion. Therefore, we fought and stood heroically and in a Karbala’i style. We stood in such a way legendary that bewildered the world. We turned southern Lebanon into a graveyard for the invaders and as a result we shattered the legend of invincible Israel military.

If successive defeats of Arabs made the Israel greedy to fulfill the dream of great Israel, the victory of the 33-day war, blew apart all these dreams. Victory of the resistance changed the history of wars, and made the equation inverted, and brought our nations to the era of victories, and helped Israel closer to its abject defeat.

Against this international mobilization and conspiracy of countries in the region, Iran was distinct, and strategic, historic and courageous position of Iran stood out. Iran supported resistance and put all the facilities and necessities of the battle at resistance disposal up to the victory.

Thus, the victory of the resistance and its partners was in fact the victory for Iran, which was among the supporters of the resistance. Iran, despite all the international sanctions and threats and bribes, did not change its support for the resistance and did not alter its stance in support of the resistance. Today, Iran is the strong base and strategic depth of resistance and against the threat of Israel and Takfiris, it is considered the strategic depth of resistance. Hence, our greetings and our loyalty are given to the nation, the government and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Iran’s Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei.

During 33-day war, Saudi Arabia secretly and covertly stood beside Israel. However, today they openly and publicly are standing alongside Israel. This is a big mistake and sin, which has hit and hurt the heart of Palestine, and has spoiled the face of the Two Holy Mosques. Saudi policies are disastrous policies, which are considered great and strategic services to Israel.

Today the Kaaba is stricken and bereaved, for the sake of Saudi relations with Israel, the Kaaba today complains about the kings and the rulers, who are allied with Israel, Kaaba today moans to the God, from the hands of those next to the Kaaba who issue death and excommunication fatwa.

Kaaba today is in sorrow, and laments that Arab’s oil, money and arms which was withheld from Palestine, is used in invasions to Yemen and Syria, Iraq and Bahrain.

Israel, which was incapable to fight the Islamic resistance and win, now counts on ISIS and its counterparts, and it uses them. Today it has become clear that Takfiris and ISIS are created by Israel and global hegemony and on behalf of them, they fight with Muslims today, and to complete the 33-day war, and destroying the effects of the resistance victory over Israel, they seek the aid from Takfiris.

However, we are on the same pledge as before, as we fought Israel yesterday, today we fight with Takfiris. The battle is one with the same goals. As we promised you victory over Israel and we won, we also promise to conquer the ISIS and Takfiris.”


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