Hezbollah top official: Symptoms of failure, exhaustion in KSA

Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Hashem Safi-el-Din, Hezbollah head of the executive board, attending the ceremony to tribute Mohammad Mousa Salman, referring to efforts made in Lebanon said,” There is no future for the country without political agreement based on facts.”, News report.

He stressed,” Political reconciliation should not be based on dreams or illusions coming out of embassies.”

He addressed those who eye gifts from Saudi embassy and said,” If Saudi Arabia intends to enter Lebanon to achieve its objectives it will witness its failure only when it is forced to withdraw.”

Head of Hezbollah executive board added,” A certain political group in Lebanon have lived on Saudi gifts for many years taking stance based on Saudi interests.”

Hujjat-ul-Islam Saffi-el-Din noted that symptoms of failure and exhaustion have appeared in Saudi Arabia and said,” Al Saud has no way but accepting political strategies in Yemen and Syria and a political solution is what has been proposed by Yemen and Syria during the past years.”

He rejected efforts to take over Iraq, Yemen and Syria as a vain effort and noted,” Saudi struggles will not be successful through pursuit of bullying policies, spending money, demanding help from the US, receiving European arms or even UN resolutions, because today the path is towards diplomatic activities and Al Saud has no way but accepting facts which have been known through lives of the victims.”

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