Lebanon Names Delegation for Maritime Border Talks

Lebanon on Monday named its team that will take part in the first meeting of the negotiations on the maritime border demarcation with the Zionist entity expected to be held under UN-sponsorship on Wednesday.

President Michel Aoun’s office said the four-member Lebanese delegation will be headed by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Lebanese Army for Operations Brigadier General Pilot Bassam Yassin. The three other members are Marine Colonel Mazen Basbous, Lebanese Petroleum Administration chairman Wisam Chbat and maritime borders expert Najib Msihi who works with the Lebanese Army on maps.

The announcement comes two weeks after Lebanon and the Zionist entity reached an agreement on a framework for the US-mediated talks. The talks are scheduled to begin Wednesday at the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping force in the southern Lebanese border town of Naqoura.


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