Discovering Ruins determine Imam Hussein;s way from Mecca to Karbala

Karbala Center for Studies and Researches of Imam Hussein Shrine has announced discovering some ruins through which the way Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) took when he came to the holy city of Karbala has been tracked and confirmed.

Abdul Ameer El-Quraishi – center director – said that the center is continuing to discover the rest of the way and the places Imam Hussein and his family (Peace Be Upon Them) stayed in

He added that the committee of researchers discovered an area on the outskirts of the city of Najaf known as Er-Reheameh where Imam Hussein, as narrated, stayed in on his way to Karbala.

He said further, “The center is seeking to document such monuments in Kerbela Hiritage Encyclopedia that the center has been working on to publish,” adding that the project of discovering Imam Hussein’s way attempts to show the difference of naming the places Imam Hussain stayed in that narrations tell, in addition to discovering places Imam Hussain stayed in that the history did not document.

He concluded his speech by saying, “Such places will be historical sanctuaries people can visit to realize the challenging journey Imam Hussain started to confront Umayyad state.”

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