Iraqi Sunni scholar says Islamic Ummah unity dire need in present sensitive conditions

muhammed raza rahimiIRI First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi referring to deep and strong Iran-Iraq relations said here Wednesday Islamic unity and solidarity is a dire and necessary need of Islamic Ummah today under the sensitive prevailing conditions.

According to IRNA Wednesday night news team, the information website of the IRI President’s Office further Reported Rahimi as saying in a meeting with the Head of the Islamic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan Ali Abdul-Aziz, ‘The Islamic movements in the region must further expand the sphere of their activities.’
Rahimi added, ‘The two nations enjoy brotherly ties and in this while the Islamic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan, too, is one of the noble movements which is close to both nations.’
The Iranian first vice president referred to the plots hatched against Islamic societies, asking for the strengthening of the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and campaign against oppression among the entire Islamic countries and all Islamic movements.
Rahimi said, ‘The Islamic countries must resist against the big powers and beyond doubt under the prevailing conditions we would come up victorious.’
The head of the Islamic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan, too, in the meeting referred to the efforts made by the oppressor hegemonic powers aimed at segregating Islam, adding, ‘The Iraqi nation and the Islamic Movement of the Iraqi Kurdistan under the present sensitive conditions are after the establishment of stability in Iraq with their resistance and unity, and in this way they appreciate the stands and support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.’
Sheikh Ali Abdul-Aziz emphasizing the need for promoting unity among Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, added, ‘The enemies’ efforts are aimed at sowing the seeds of discord among the Muslims, fueling the flames of Shi’a-Sunni Muslims, and taking advantage of such conditions at the service of their illegitimate interests, but the Muslim nations with their alertness and awareness would leave them humiliated and dismantle their notorious plots.’
The late founder of Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini (P) was a strong promoter of Shi’a-Sunni unity. He once said for instance:
‘Today, world peace is such that all countries are under the political influence of the superpowers; they observe a control everywhere and have schemes for defeating every group. The most important of these is sowing discord among brothers.
Muslims should be awake, Muslims should be alert that if a dispute takes place among Sunni and Shi’a brothers, it is harmful to all of us; it is harmful to all Muslims. Those who want to sow discord are neither Sunni nor Shi’a; they are agents of the superpowers and work for them.
Those who attempt to cause discord among our Sunni and Shi’a brothers are people who conspire for the enemies of Islam and want the enemies of Islam to triumph over Muslims. They are the supporters of America and some are supporters of the Soviet Union.
I hope that through considering this Islamic precept – that all Muslims are brothers – all Islamic countries will triumph against the superpowers and succeed in actualizing all Islamic ordinances.
Muslims are brothers and will not be segregated by the pseudo-propaganda sponsored by corrupt elements. The source of this matter – that Shi’as should be on one side and Sunni on the other – is on the one hand ignorance and on the other hand propaganda of the foreigners.
If Islamic brotherhood comes to the fore among Islamic countries, such will become a great power which none of the global powers will be able to cope with.
Shi’as and Sunnis brothers should avoid every kind of dispute. Today, discord among us will only benefit those who follow neither Shi’a nor Hanafi. They neither want this nor that to exist, and know the way to sow dispute between you and us. We must pay attention that we are all Muslims and we all believe in the Qur’an; we all believe in Towhead and must work to serve the Qur’an and Towhead.’


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