Crisis of the American Occupation of Iraq Monday, September 06, 2010

Crises_IraqConsultations between Iraqi political groups for the establishment of the new government in Iraq are still continuing. At the same time, Iraqi political currents have presented proposals for resolving the crisis.

The visit of US Vice President Joe Biden and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Iraq were among important news of the week. Biden’s meddling to force a pro-US government on Iraq has faced strong opposition from different Iraqi political groups.

According to the Shiite News.’The disclosure of cooperation between the MKO terrorist outfit and al-Qaeda and the role of the two terrorist groups in violence in Iraq and at the same time revelation of other realties of the US war against Iraq has been another disgrace for Washington hawks.

Following the agreement of the Iraqi National Alliance with the candidacy of Premier Nuri al-Maliki for the post of the new prime minister, it seems that Shi’ite Muslim groups are about to reach an agreement on formation of the new government. A member of the State of the Law Coalition, Haidar al-Jouzani said the coalition has received tacit approval from the main components of the National Alliance including the Fazilah Party, the Supreme Assembly and the Sadr Group. At present it seems that conditions for continuation of talks between the two main Shi’ite Muslim coalitions of State of law and the Iraqi National Alliance have been provided. According to an agreement between the two coalitions, they would introduce the candidates of their choice and any candidate, who wins the majority of the votes of the two coalitions, could be introduced as the sole candidate for premier’s post. Nuri Maliki and current vice president, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, are among the two leading candidates proposed by the Shi’ite Muslim coalitions. It has been said that any of the two who can win eighty percent of the votes in the inter-coalition elections, he will be the candidate of the biggest parliamentary fraction.

US Vice President Joe Biden visited Iraq last week for the second time in recent weeks. The stealth visits of Biden as well as Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Iraq were carried out while the process of the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq ended on August 31. Apparently, he had traveled to Iraq to take part in the ceremony of the end of US combat mission in the country, but no doubt influencing the process of formation of the government has been the most important motivation of Biden’s trip to Baghdad. Biden has presented a dubious plan according to which Maliki will become prime minister but in turn, Ayad Allawi will assume the post of commander-in-chief. The United States believes that the plan would restrict Maliki’s powers as prime minister. But the reality is something else. Many political circles are of the view that the United States through this plan is intending to empower members of the al-Iraqiyya coalition with key posts to exploit the situation to the benefit of Washington.

Meanwhile, almost concurrent with the claimed pullout of US forces from Iraq, Joe Biden announced that Washington intends to continue its meddling in Iraq’s domestic affairs, even after the withdrawal of US forces from that American occupied country.

Biden, who was addressing the US veterans’ conference in the State of Indiana, added that the drawdown of US occupation troops in Iraq does not mean that US will let go of this country and in fact exactly the opposite of this case is true.

At the same time, Commander of US occupation forces in Iraq, General Raymond Odierno has made the provocative remarks that the return of US forces to combat operations in Iraq is possible. Odierno’s insolent words have angered the Iraqi people and their political and religious leaders. Iraqis of all political hues want the US troops to pack and leave without any occupation soldier staying in the country, even under the guise of the so-called private security firms with which Washington intends to replace its combat forces. These US private security firms are equipped with spying drones and advanced radar systems in addition to their lethal weapons. In 2007 Blackwater personnel massacred 17 Iraqi civilians in cold blood in the Baghdad’s Nissour Square. It is strange that despite the strong opposition of the Iraqi and Afghan governments, the US still uses private security firms in the said countries in order to further destabilize them.

The governor of the city of al-Khass in Diyala Province said there is strong evidence showing relations between the MKO terrorist outfit and al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the representative of Diyala in the Iraqi Parliament, Abdullah at-Tamimi, said a terrorist triangle made up of the al-Qaeda network, the Ba’thists and MKO has been formed for disrupting the security situation of the province. He underlined that the triangle has infiltrated to a great extent the province’s security apparatus and if not confronted seriously, the situation will worsen. The MKO terrorist outfit based in Iraq since 1980s has had a role in fuelling violence in the country. Undoubtedly, the many unrests in different parts of Iraq has been the result of cooperation between such terrorist groups. In view of these facts, the Iraqi people are insisting on expulsion of the MKO terrorists from Iraq.

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