Political Part of Karbala Friday Prayer Sermons

shaikh karbalaiThe second sermon of Friday’s prayer held in the Imam Hussein holy shrine. The representative of the supreme religious authority and the preacher of Friday’s prayer ceremony in Kerbala’ Shaikh Abdul Mahdi EL-Kerbala’i called the debating parties for the necessity of appeasement and seeking peaceful talks focusing on going back to the constitutional principles and political agreements unanimously agreed upon.

His Eminence mentioned that a machinery must be formed in order to get back to it in case of any conflict of applying constitutional article takes place; because a conflict occurs according to any interpretation adopted by and party and according to its interests. so, it’s necessary to codifying and legislating laws for the supreme court which we previously emphasized.

Also mentioned that the two debating parties shouldn’t aggravate the matters in order to avoid shedding Iraqis blood, because it’s enough for the Iraqis to have their blood shed for nothing as happened in the last years.

In the second part of the ceremony; His Eminence mentioned that Syrian immigrants on the Iraqi-Syrian boarders suffering from severe shortage of medicine and food rather than houses or camps that need the requirement for the human to live in.

He also said that the supreme religious authority in Najaf city is constantly providing the immigrants with the needs, those immigrant who left their houses enforceable. It’s kind of returning the favor to the Syrian population who welcomed thousands of Iraqi families during the hard times Iraq went through, and even Iraqi families confirmed that did not find but the great hospitality and generosity by the Syrians.

Also mentioned that the final survey declared by the U.N that there is a probability of one million of Syrians would be exposed to poverty because of shortage of food and medicine, and that needs a serious international or regional help to save those immigrants.

His Eminence requested the Iraqi government to consider them mercifully by housing them because of the simple houses they live in where the ceiling destroys sometimes over their heads. so, it’s shame on us to hear about such as disasters taking place in a country that its budget about 100 billion dollars, and where we are standing empty-handed.

Also, Said “We appeal to the government to provide them with caravans instead of the temporary bad houses that won’t resist the conditions of the weather”.


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