‘US trying to destabilize Iraq’

Iraq_FlagAn Iraqi Shia cleric has accused US-led troops of attempting to extend their presence in Iraq by staging the recent terrorist attacks in the country.

Sadr City’s Friday Prayers Leader Seyyed Muhammad al-Musawi accused the US of trying to portray the Iraqi government and security forces as weak and incapable of providing security for the Iraqis in order to justify the country’s occupation.

He also accused Washington of interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs and of blocking attempts to form a new government in the country.

“The US and Israel are putting pressure on Iraqi officials, they are playing an important role in delaying the formation of a new Iraqi government”, al-Musawi told worshipers.

Provincial counselors attending the prayers also complained about US meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs, saying repeated visits by American officials when Iraqi politicians are holding talks on forming the new government proves that they are interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state.

They also called on Iraqi politicians to put aside their differences and form a national unity government as soon as possible.

Analysts have warned that violence in Iraq may see a surge if negotiations on forming a new governing coalition continue to drag on.

The Iraqi government has been in limbo for more than five months since general elections were held. No single bloc has won an overall parliamentary majority.


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