Iraq bombings kill at least 14

Iraq_bombingSeparate bombings to the north and the south of Iraq’s capital Baghdad have killed at least 14 people and injured 32 others.

A car bomb exploded in the northern city of Tikrit on a busy commercial street, killing six, including four policemen and wounding 14 others, police said Thursday.

“An explosion rocked the area and I found myself in the hospital. I have shrapnel in my head,” wounded policeman Ashref Abbas told Reuters.

The blast also damaged about 30 shops. Police swarmed the area, firing shots in the air.

In another attack, a bomb blast in a cafe in the town of Haswa, south of Baghdad, killed six people and wounded eight, according to a source in the Interior Ministry.

Meanwhile, a bomb planted on a bicycle in a marketplace in Mahmudiya, on Baghdad’s southern outskirts, killed two people and wounded 10 others.

Iraq has witnessed bombings and terrorist attacks on an almost daily basis since the US-led invasion of the country in 2003. The war toppled Iraq’s notorious dictator Saddam Hussein but opened the gate for unrelenting violence.

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