Baathist Conspiracy against New Iraq

Iraq_FlagThe efforts made by Saddam’s ousted Baath Party, in order to merge its two divided branches, against the new Iraq and the achievements of its government have failed despite being supported by some Arab countries.

In a report by “Al-Jazeera”, an Iraqi source well informed about the statement issued by the Baath party, the branch of “Muhammad Yunis Al-Ahmad”, said that Al-Ahmad asked for holding a joint conference to discuss the possibility of uniting the two branches, his branch and that of “Izzat Al-Douri”. He also asked for specifying the common strategy of cooperation and coordination with America. Yet, the branch of “Izzat Al-Douri” rejected this request.

It is noteworthy that the Baathists are supported by Washington and by some suspicious Iraqi political movements.

Several efforts have been made in order to form a united front between the two branches in order to meet the new Iraqi political process, but they all failed.

According to the same sources, there is a possibility of holding a near meeting between “Izzat Al-Douri” and “Yunis Al-Ahmad” in order to create a cooperation platform with Washington, but there are many uncertainties about the results that might emerge from this meeting.

It is said that the two branches of the ousted Baath party are collaborating with Washington. The branch of “Yunis Al-Ahmad” was separated from the Baath Party, immediately after Saddam’s execution. Since that time, it began its cooperation with the United States, what made the Americans stop trying to arrest him.

According to a report by the “Mehr” News Agency, “Yunis Al-Ahmad” is one of the key leaders in the ousted Baath Party. He was mentioned in the list that includes the names of 55 followers of Saddam Hussein’s regime. In fact, America after occupying Iraq claimed that it is pursuing those that their names are listed in order to arrest them. After more than seven years since the occupation of Iraq, the failure attempts to arrest “Yunis Al-Ahmad” and many of the heads of the Baath Party, with the help of Washington’s secret coordinated, boosted the chances of blocking the serious political process in Iraq. Thus, why the American forces, which have been previously able to arrest and then to execute the leader of the ousted Baath party Saddam, are unable now to trace the rest of the other Baathist leaders and/or to arrest them?!

Analysts believe that the remaining elements of the ousted Baath Party form the most important key players, on which Washington is relying in the Iraqi arena, in order to implement various projects in this country.

Based upon this, it is noted that some political groups in Iraq, when they do not reach their political goals through the peaceful methods and ways, they simply intend to use violence and bombings. In fact, this shows that they can easily acquire the means by which they can implement these processes, which enable them to give their instructions to spread chaos and instability in Iraq, and then to achieve their goals and objectives.

What happened recently of the bombings and the military offensives aiming at seizing the major banks’ money in Iraq, which are the main tributary of the commercial and financial cycle of the Iraqi government, are not far from being attempts by those suspicious political movements, which use the defunct Baathist elements.

It is noteworthy that because of the attack on the major Iraqi banks, during the past few days, which was thwarted, hundreds of people were killed and wounded, mostly civilians and innocents. The Iraqi political forces have stressed the need to finish the current crisis over forming the new government as soon as possible, so that not to give those movements any opportunity to show their strength and/or to spread chaos and terrorism in Iraq.


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