Hezbollah-AMAL Alliance Open to All Qualified Personalities

jos_hizbollah_amal_alliance Twenty days ahead of the municipal polls, Shia Militia’s Hezbollah and AMAL movement officials stressed on Sunday that their alliance was firm and solid. Minister Mohamad Fneish said in this context that the alliance was open to all qualified personalities. He noted that the polls would be held on time and called on all Lebanese to seriously take part in them. Member of the Development and Liberation parliamentary bloc MP Anwar Khalil said in turn that the Hezbollah-AMAL alliance was a continuation to the march against Israeli threats which began long ago. MP Ali Osseiran also praised the alliance of Hezbollah and AMAL in the south, saying that it was in the interest of the people of the South. He urged the upcoming municipal councils to focus on putting priorities to serve their people and respect the laws. For his part, the advisor of the head of the executive council within Hezbollah Sheikh Abdul Karim Obeid praised the alliance, stressing that the qualifications of the candidates for the municipal polls should be high in order for them to serve their people.


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