Ayatollah Saeed Al-Hakim participates in Arbaeen(Chehlu) pilgrims processions

shia_ayatollahsaeedalhakim One of the Holy Najaf’s four Maraje, Ayatollah Syed Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim, on Monday went into the flood of Hussaini mourning pilgrims that are being coming to Karbala for Arbaeen Imam Hussain (AS) commemoration. According to the Shiite News correspondent,  The Ayatollah was acquainted with the services to ease the guests of Imam Hussain (a.s.). Millions of mourners have been arriving in the holy City of Karbala from across the world to attend the holy rituals of Arbaeen. Massive food and drinks stalls and tents have been setup throughout the ways leading to this holy city for pilgrims.


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