Millions of mourners reachs at Karbala to observe Ashura

halmin Millions of mourners have reached in Iraqi city of Karbala to observe the Ashura AbaAbdullah Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) to be observed on Sunday (Ashura at Iraq). After dozens of people were killed in various terrorists attacks at the mourners during the last few days, the government has  taken strict security measures and deployed 40,000 Iraqi army troops in Karbala where millions of mourners are coming at Karbala to take part in the Ashura of Imam Hussain (AS). They are expressing their feelings of sorrow and sadness through performing sozkhani, matan( chestbeating), and Majlis  over the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. Hazrat Hussain along with his sons and other family members and friends was martyred by  Yazid (lanatullah) army on Muharram 61 Hijrah.

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