Karbala police seize large weapons cache, capture 20 fugitives

On Thursday the Karbala Police Directorate announced that it had discovered a large cache of hidden munitions during an operation west of the province and that it had arrested 20 fugitives who were wanted on criminal and terrorism charges.

Karbala Police Chief, Major Ahmed al-Zweni, said in a press statement, “The security forces carried out several security operations in different areas of the province, and found military supplies, including 82 mortar shells, 8 hand grenades and 97 detonators.”

“Our detachments also arrested 18 persons wanted on different criminal and terrorism charges,” Zweni explained. “The detachments of the Anti-Drug directorate arrested two drug dealers from al-Basra province,” Zweni added.

Zweni also said that the operation was carried out based on accurate intelligence information.

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