ISIS Executes Nineveh Police Chief’s Brothers, Detonates 14 Houses in Mosul

Iraqi media outlets on Monday stated that ISIS (ISIL , Daesh) has executed the four brothers of Nineveh Police Chief Colonel Mohsen Ali al-Jabouri and detonated 14 houses belonging to the members of the security forces, south of Mosul.

“ISIS executed four brothers of Nineveh Police Chief, Colonel Mohsen Ali al-Jabouri, after capturing them in al-Alil area, south of Mosul.”

“ISIS executed them in public by firing squad for only being the brothers of Col. Jabouri, who fights the group,” Iraqi News reports.

Meanwhile, according to the National Iraqi News Agency local residents said, “At dawn today, the ISIS terrorists also blew up 14 houses in the areas of al-Jawsak and al-Dandan, south of Mosul, after looting their contents.”

“ISIS blew up the houses because they belong to members of the security forces,” the residents explained. “The detonation caused great damage to the nearby civilian houses,” they added.


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