Imam Hussein shrine unveils the history of ‘Karbala in the Ottoman Documents’

The International Media of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has published the first edition of ‘Karbala in the Ottoman Documents’, within a project to obtain all documents associated with the holy city and its holy shrines.

The head of the International Media, Hassan Ali Kadhum, said, “After nearly two years of hard-fought efforts, we were able to obtain, translate, categorize, typeset and design the documents associated with Karbala to publish the first edition of ‘Karbala in the Ottoman Documents’ consisting of 516 pages.”

Sabah al-Taliqani, project’s coordinator, added “We categorized the documents into eight parts: Military, Financial, Administrative, Medical, Economical, Religious, Tribal and Architectural,” mentioning the initiation of the work on the second edition, which will contain other categories concerning other fields.

It is noteworthy that the Ottomans ruled Iraq for four centuries up until 1920.


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