ISIL Official from Baghdad Prison: Most of Suicide Bombers Are Arab Nationals

The operative responsible for organizing the suicide bombings claimed by terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group in Baghdad revealed that most of the group suicide bombers who carried out attacks in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad are from Arab nationalities.

The terrorist Abu Abdullah, who is currently imprisoned, said that most of the suicide bombers whom he prepared to carry out suicide attacks were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Algeria.

“Two other Westerns, one Australian and one German named Abu Qaqaa, were among the bombers,” he said, pointing out that only one out of every ten suicide bombers was an Iraqi.

Abu Abdullah indicated during an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel from his cell in Baghdad prison, that choosing the locations of attacks was intended to kill the largest number of people, “especially police officers and soldiers, such as police checkpoints, markets and Shiite religious places.” he said.

During the interview published Thursday, the ISIL official claimed that he doesn’t remember exactly the number of attacks that he planned for, but stressed that in the last quarter of the year during which he was arrested, he had planned 19 implemented attacks.

The Iraqi security forces arrested Abu Abdullah in July 2014.

Answering a question about the process of selecting the suicide bombers and their nationalities, terrorist Abu Abdallah told the German daily that “this task was handed to the military planners who were ranked higher than me. They [suicide bombers] were being brought to me and most of them had come from Fallujah city.”

“I was in charge of the latter step, i.e. preparing them in the workshop that I own, equipping them with explosive belts, and sending them to the specific places for implementation.”

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