Iraqi Parliament gave vote of confidence to cabinet proposed by Al-Sudani

The Iraqi Parliament approved the government and cabinet proposed by “Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani” in its evening session today.

The composition of the Sudani’s cabinet is as follows:

• Prime Minister: Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani

• Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Fuad Hussein.
• Second deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil: Hayan Abdul Ghani.
• Third deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning Muhammad Tamim.
• Minister of Finance: Taif Sami.
• Minister of Defense: Thabet al-Abbasi.
• Minister of Interior: Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari.
• Minister of Health: Saleh Mahdi.
• Minister of migration and Displacement Evan Faeq.
• Minister of Transport: Razak Muhaibes.
• Minister of Water Resources: Aoun Diab.
• Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Ahmed Al-Asadi.
• Minister of Youth and Sports: Ahmed Muhammad Hussein.
• Minister of Education: Ibrahim Namis.
• Minister of Commerce: Atheer Daoud.
• Minister of Justice: Khaled Shwani.
• Minister of Electricity: Ziyad Ali.
• Minister of Communications: Hiam Al-Moussawi.
• Minister of Agriculture: Abbas Al-Maliki.
• Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Naim Al-Aboudi.
• Minister of Industry and Minerals: Khaled Battal.
• Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities: Ahmed Fakkak.

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