ISIS attack on Iraq’s Diyala leaves 11 casualties

ISIS attack on the Iraqi province of Diyala left five people dead and six others injured.

Iraqi media on early Sunday announced that ISIS remnants in the country had launched a new operation in Diyala Province.

The attack was carried out by hand grenades and sniper rifles, according to Sabereen News.

Three children were among the victims, according to the reports.

Iraqi security forces continue to search, chase and cleanse ISIS remnants throughout the country to ensure that the terrorist fugitive elements do not reappear.

PMU forces managed to arrest an ISIS element who was in charge of foreign nationals and immigrants’ affairs on Saturday.

In December 2017, after nearly three and a half years of fighting with the ISIS terror outfit, which occupied about a third of Iraq, the Iraqi government announced the liberation of all its territories from ISIS hands.

The remaining ISIS elements are still active in parts of Baghdad, Saladin, Diyala, Kirkuk, Niveneh and Al Anbar provinces.


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