ISIL Hospitals: Militants Whip Patients Who Disagree With Doctors

As the ISIL attempts to further establish in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist organization has taken control of all the hospitals inside its strongholds, where militants are said to have instituted ridiculously sexist policies, abuse patients and execute doctors.

Although medical staff in most hospitals around the world are suppose to accommodate and politely adress questions that patients might have concerning their health issues, ISIL-run hospitals, especially those in the Iraqi stronghold city of Mosul, are doing things differently in a negative way.
One doctor from Mosul told media that in early November he witnessed a case of one male patient being brutally beaten after having an arguement with an ISIL-affiliated doctor.
The doctor said that the day after the man had argued with his ISIL doctor, militants forcefully brought him back to the hospital where they proceeded to whip him in the hospital lobby and made him apologize to the doctor.
The ISIL has also imposed strict guidelines, that the militants claim to be religion based. Many of ISIL’ regulations have solely affected the women in the hospitals, whether they are female patients or female doctors.
Such rules include forcing females doctors to fully cover their faces with veils, even though it prevents them from seeing what they are doing, and prohibit female doctors from working night shifts.
By preventing female doctors from working at night and not allowing male doctors to treat female patients who are pregnant or have issues with their genital areas, the ISIL has put female patients in danger, even though ISIL’ reasoning is because it is “improper” for a man to see another man’s spouse giving birth.
Another Mosul doctor told that one night, over the summer, he witnessed ISIL officials blocking a male anestegeolist from treating a women in labour. The doctor said that since it was at night and no female doctors were allowed to work at the time, the woman had to give birth without the benefit of pain medication.
As a UN Report from earlier this year pointed out, female doctors who refused to wear a veil were often beaten. Witnesses cited in the report claimed that in some instances an ISIL official would stand outside of the hospital entrance to prevent female doctors who were not wearing a veil to enter.

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