Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi Thwarts ISIL Attack on Iran Border

Iraq’s paramilitary force Hashd Shaabi foiled an attack by Takfiri group ISIL on the strategic region of “Naft Khaneh” in the eastern province of Diyala near Iran’s border on Monday.

In a statement, the volunteer force, which is also called Poplar Mobilization Units, said ISIL terrorists attempted to infiltrate the Naft Khaneh region trying to target the main routes of the region, especially as security forces cleared the area.

Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi 1st Brigade thwarted ISIL movements in Naft khaneh, an Iraqi oil field that is located next to Iran’s Naft Shahr field and has a joint reservoir.

The paramilitary force, which had a major role in defeating ISIL in 2017, has been in the last months engaged in operations aimed at clearing and combing the Iraqi regions from ISIL remnants.


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