Iran vows ‘crushing response’ to Israel’s F-35 attack threat

Iran has vowed a “crushing response” to any violation of the country’s sovereignty after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to attack the Islamic Republic with F-35 stealth fighter jets.

“Any enemy which seeks to violate the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran, be it at any level, will receive a decisive and crushing response it shall regret,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Friday.

The Iranian defense minister singled out a recent comment from Netanyahu threatening to attack Iran while speaking at Israel’s Nevatim airbase earlier this week.

Hatami also made a reference to another threat by Netanyahu to “destroy” what he called the regime’s enemies in a speech near the the nuclear reactor in Dimona last August. The speech was widely interpreted as a threat of nuclear weapons use against Iran.

Further addressing what he described as Netanyahu’s “upmost shameful” comments, Hatami said that the Israeli provocations were in violation of United Nations Character Article 2 and that Iran reserved the right to respond accordingly to any such attack based on UN Character Article 51.

The defense minister urged the Iranian Foreign Ministry to follow up what he described as Israel’s “out-of-line and dangerous behavior” through international institutions such as the UN and the Security Council.


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