Larijani berates dictators in the Middle East for harbouring terrorists to Syria

ali-larijaniSpeaker of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani said Wednesday that concern of the regional dictators about Syria is unbelievable, revealing their “deception” by harbouring professional terrorists to Syria.

Larijani said in inaugural address to Conference on Friends of Syria Conference sponsored by parliaments of the friendly nations of Syria that dictators in the Middle East and North Africa regions cannot exist without direct support of the West, US in particular.

Referring to the support of the US and western states for the regional dictators as a tragedy, the speaker said those powers with a tragic record are hypocratically expressing concern about the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

This is unbelievable and a scandal while they harbour professional terrorists to Syria.

The Conference on Friends of Syria got underway in Tehran in presence of the heads of parliamentary foreign policy commissions of Iran, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Russia to review ways to cease bloodshed and violation of human rights in Syria.

Putting an immediate end to the humanitarian crisis and violation of human rights in Syria and the ongoing violence against innocent people trapped in war zones between the government troops and the terrorists fighting in Syria at the behest of foreign governments are main topics of the Conference.

Women, children and the elderly have become the victims of violence in Syria. Cases of starvation have been reported according the human rights organizations.

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