Senior Iranian Cleric: “Shia Muslims Do Not Worship Stone Graves, Shrines

syed ali ghazi askari iranAn Iranian top cleric rejected anti-Shia allegations on worshiping stone graves of Imams or holy shrines demanding Saudi officials to maintain peace and respect for different denominations during Hajj pilgrimage.

Hojjat-ol-Islam Seyyed Ali Ghazi Askar, Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj Affairs, participated in the conference on “Hajj and Islamic Awakening” held in Lebanon and stressed visiting the graves or shrines of Imams (AS) is not worshiping but it is a tribute to the divinity and high status of Imams (AS).

He warned Iranian pilgrims against seditious debates by Wahhabis during Hajj and said such discussions are only aimed at provoking the pilgrims.

Religious figure referred to the new Hajj official in Saudi Arabia and hailed his moderate views prevailing less disciplinary behaviors towards Iranian pilgrims.

Iranian Hajj Representative rejected imposing religious on followers of other denominations and invited Saudi scholars to academic debates calling universities and seminaries as proper places for such debates.

“We are not pursuing to force someone to Shia same way that Saudi Arabia should not impose its ideas on others.” stressed Iranian official demanding for a peaceful atmosphere for people from different denominations to perform their religious duties during Hajj.

He praised the positive cooperation for the hosting country of Saudi Arabia and expressed his optimist views in reply to a question on the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage regarding the recent changes in Saudi Arabia and the region.

“Islamic unity can be a good souvenir from Hajj pilgrimage.” Hojjat-ol-Islam Ghazi Askar and noted,” Certainly any move in line with bringing disunity among Muslims is slammed.”

He stressed the view of Islamic Republic of Iran to be focused on a peaceful coexistence and cooperation for boosting Islamic unity.

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