Ayatullah Khamenei: Iran won’t let arrogant powers ruin world

jos_ayatollah_ali_khamenei1-243x300 The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, says the Iranian nation will stand up to arrogant powers who are dominating the world. Addressing a group of visitors from the northwestern city of Tabriz on Wednesday, the Leader said, “Iran will not allow a few countries to ruin the future of the world.” Ayatollah Khamenei further pointed out that Western countries spread lies about the Iranian nuclear energy program and the state of democracy and human rights in Iran because Tehran is determined to maintain its rights. Meanwhile, the Leader slammed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comments during her recent tour of the Persian Gulf region, saying that “yet again the Americans have sent their agent (Clinton) like a traveler to the Persian Gulf to repeat the same lies about Iran.” “However, nobody will believe their words anymore, as the United States has never cared about the interests of regional nations,” the Leader said, adding that “quite to the contrary, [Washington] has trampled on the rights of the regional countries.” Ayatollah Khamenei said that the US has turned the Persian Gulf into an arsenal, has attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and now is interfering in Pakistan. “All the nations and most of the governments in the region are aware that the Islamic Republic supports peace, brotherhood, and dignity of the regional and all the Islamic countries [in the world],” the Leader underlined. Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the mass rallies marking the 31st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. “The enemies predicted that the rallies would plunge Iran into a civil war,” the Leader noted. “But the massive turnout of the Iranian nation was tantamount to a punch in the mount of Iran’s enemies.” Millions of Iranians took to the streets across the country on Thursday to celebrate the 1979 Revolution, which overthrew the US-backed Pahlavi monarchy.


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